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Zhangni Xue founded the jewelry brand “L’ELEMENTO” in Florence, Italy on 2017.  “Elemento” means an element in Italian.  Elements are derived from nature. They are essential and indispensable for everything, seemingly invisible but vital. Based on the inspiration, L'ELEMENTO combines oriental aesthetics with contemporary design to create a new jewelry that is full of new ideas.




Ripple Earring - Jade

Ripple Earring - Agate


About the designer - Zhangni Xue

Zhangni Xue went to Leona Jewelry Design Institute (LAO) in Florence to concentrate on jewelry design and production right after graduating from the printmaking department of the Academy Of Fine Arts in Rome on 2015. By designing jewelry, she found a new way to express her understanding of arts. 

Zhangni Xue was born in a art family. Her mother has been designing and carving jade for more than 30 years. Her mother is a master of arts in Jiangsu province, also a non-genetic inheritor. Influenced by the family, Zhangni is more inclined to integrates her own design based on the characteristics of the material itself.



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