Fitting Report Vol.3

Fitting Report Vol.3

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「 The teddy bear coat fitting report is finally HERE. 
We found 5 REAL LIFE MODELs with different heights to style our pieces.
Let us show you couple different ways how
the coats can be fitted to your size and your style 」


 No.1 The teddy bear coat


JULIE ( 5'2"/158cm) wearing size Petite

JULIE in size XS

" I think the length of Petite size fits the best.

However, I really don't feel size XS is too big for me

even the sleeve is a little bit longer.

It has more space to wear sweaters under it.

I will wear heels if I eventually go with XS."


Cathy (5'2" / 158cm) wearing size S

 "Size S really doesn't look that big as I expected

even though the sleeve is a little bit long.

It is a good idea to style an oversized coat with high heels.

In order to get a better fit I think I would choose size XS instead."



Miranda ( 5'4½" / 164cm ) wearing size S

"I think size S works the best for me.

 It is a little bit oversized which is the fit I'm looking for.

The coat has a lot spaces to wear sweaters under it."



Chloe ( 5'6" / 168cm ) wearing size S

"I love this fit. I would go with this size

cuz I don't need to wear any chunky sweaters under it,

it is warm enough for winters in Shanghai."


 No.2 Pinky bear coat

JULIE ( 5'2"/158cm) wearing size XS

"This one is like the short version of the previous teddy coat,

so I don't have any issue with the length for this one.

It's so soft and very cute. Love it."


Stella ( 5'7"/170cm) wearing size Medium

"This pink coat is very cute but is not too cute to wear everyday.

I styled with the marten boots so it looks more causal.

I really love the ribbon on the sleeve especially when the wind blows it. 




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