C46C00 x Shanghailander

C46C00 x Shanghailander

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The temperature of Shanghai

by C46C00 x Shanghailander



C46C00 was founded in 2018 at Shanghai, China. It is a brand that integrates cooperation, design and life.

C46C00 Is a brand that is not defined. We love to meet people in different fields. Through a collaborative design, we find and share the stories behind them.

C46C00 is reflection of life. It explores similar but unique fate from different perspectives.




A community café that witnesses the change of Shanghai.

 About the 

Temperature of Shanghai Collection


The collection was inspired by the local culture of Shanghai and use temperature as the measurement of emotion. 


The Pop Up (Pop Art)

Date: Oct.20th 2018 - Oct.28th 2018

Location: No.394 Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai, China

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