310MOOD was established in Chicago, USA in 2016, with studios in Chicago and Shanghai. It is currently sold in the global market.

100% handmade soap bar

The two managers of the brand were born in Shanghai, China. "310" represents the affection for their hometown, and "MOOD" represents the fun, fashionable, relaxed and comfortable brand soul. Undefined sweet girl, yearning for freedom, confident and courageous, JOMO is impenetrable and unique.

 31 OMOOD has two product lines under the brand now. The main line of 31 OMOOD is designed for confident and independent women who dress for themselves. Woman who wears 310MOOD has strong awareness of being herself and differentiate from the rest; 31 OICON line has free yet harmonious combination of colors. It also represents the fun and joyful side of the brand.

100% handmade soap bar

The classic spliced teddy bear jacket is favored by celebrities and bloggers and is a must-have fashion item. While presenting interesting designs, we adhere to sustainable fashion and advocate a free life attitude.


“Joy of missing out”
“Joy of missing out”
“Happy, confident and brave, JOMO impenetrable and unique”


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