310MOOD started working with non profit orgniazations on creating capsule collections since 2019. Thinking what a dream it would be by creating unique, fun and meaningful pieces to our cusumers with people that we felt so represented by. We are on a journey towards sustainability and are counsious of our motherland.

Organic Cotton

Not only is organic cotton a healthier choice for the environment, but it remains one of the most durable fabrics, and because of its breathability, an extremely comfortable material to wear. Opting organic avoids the use of harmful chemicals as well as significantly reduces water pollution that results from conventional product practices.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Fabric

We are doing our part! Our eco-friendly silky fabric is not only amazingly soft and confortable but equally easy to care for. By combining 97.2% of recycled polyester with 2.8% spandex we have created a washable and wrinkle resistant material and designed our line of clothes. Which means no more trips to the dry cleaner. 

Reclaimed Fibers

Reclaimed fiber blends are created from post-industrial textile waste, yarn waste and used garments. We reuse these fibers and give them another life in our line of clothing. By doing so, we give these materials another life and reduce the amount of cloths being sent to our landfills. 


We put product first—how and where we make it matters. To ensure there’s no unfair or unsafer labour that goes into making our clothes we do a screening all of our suppliers, all our factories have agreed to our vendor terms and standards for: social responsibility, safe working environment better materials and manufacturing methods.Our suppliers are like family to us, and we frequently visit them as we co-create products to ensure the highest quality and so that our relationship continues to mean more than just business.